Right now I offer advanced violin and viola, beginner cello and piano, and music composition lessons. As the school grows, I hope to add more teachers and all the instruments in the orchestra.


Traditional in-person lessons are offered in the Parkside neighbourhood in Buffalo, New York. Lessons coming soon to the Greater Toronto area pending Visa approval.


One-on-one personalized lessons are available globally with the use of a web cam.  This works far better than you may think.  All you need is an internet connection and a webcam.  For areas with more than 5 students enrolled, I travel to your area twice a year for workshops, and performances!


Learn to teach students with disabilities, or assist your student with my lessons at home. I am open to making music instruction a community event.  


All students are charged the same rate per hour, no matter their disability or learning style. Classes are typically occur once weekly, but can be one to three times weekly, depending on the desires of the student. Parent training sessions are also available. Discounts available for families enrolling more than one student, or for prepaying 4 or more lessons.

Trial Lesson

15 minute trial lesson

Assess level and chemistry

Limit one per student

30 Minute Session

Discounts available for prepaying 4 or more lessons

Typically students take one 30 minute lesson each week.

15 min lessons available for students age 2-4

60 Minute Session

Discounts available for prepaying 4 or more lessons

Occurs once weekly

Most appropriate for advanced students

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