Community Orchestra

The Leaside Youth Community Orchestra (LYCO) and the Leaside Community Orchestra (LCO) are officially under development. These orchestras are learning orchestras meant to help youth and adults alike experience playing in an orchestra and learn more about their instrument. Everyone is welcome no matter their level or learning style. Musicians with disabilities are encouraged to apply!

There will be no auditions required to get in, however each musician should be prepared to play for me so I can properly gauge the orchestras overall level.

Due to COVID-19, the start of the LYCO has been delayed. We hope to start in the fall of 2020.


There will be a fee to play in this orchestra to cover cost of venue rental, sheet music, music stands, advertising, and instructional support. However, I would love to keep the costs as low as possible. 

As an inclusive orchestra, I also want to be sure instruments can be provided for students who cannot afford their own and be able to hire additional helpers to give individualized attention when needed.

If you or someone you know is interested in becoming a sponsor, please feel free to reach out to me.  I am also in need of administrative support for our orchestra.

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