Give the gift of song

We are working diligently to connect with investors so we can introduce our Note4Note program, making lessons and instruments available to those who cannot afford them.


Note4Note has just launched!  Enlightened Audio is no selling amazing violin cases online.  10% of every purchase is put in our Note4Note program to offer music study scholarships and classes.  

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Very soon we will start selling special edition violins on our website.  For every violin purchased, a violin will be given to a student in need.  Each student who receives a free instrument will also have access to 1 full year of free classes so they can learn to play. The classes will be available through community class instruction and our interactive online instruction. We are also aiming to work with various schools across the US and Canada to open up their schools to students who do not have computers at home.  All of this, so long as the funding can be obtained.  Over time we would like to expand to violas and cellos in this program.

Note4Note will give music lessons with every instrument, to ensure proper instruction.
One-on-one personalized instruction is given via a webcam to ensure even the most remote students are reached.
Dreaming of placing music lesson learning pods in public libraries where online students can learn without having to have access to internet at home