Note4Note is a music giving program! 10% of every purchase is put in the Note4Note program to offer music study scholarships and instruments.  For every Stefanie violin or viola purchased, a violin or viola will be given to a student in need.  Each student who receives a free instrument will also receive 1 full year of free classes so they can learn to play. Want to help other ways?  There are plenty of ways to support the program through donations of any size by check or through PayPal.  Please feel free to contact Laura Nadine using the contact form for other ways to donate.  Thank you for making this possible!


Donate!  Enlightened Audio is an LLC run by Laura Nadine.  Unfortunately, we can no offer you a tax deduction certificate at this time.  I am grateful for donations of any size to help me reach more students.  Funds will be used to purchase instruments, give lessons, and create online content to helps students practice at home.



Note4Note will give music lessons with every instrument, to ensure proper instruction.
One-on-one personalized instruction is given via a webcam to ensure even the most remote students are reached.
Dreaming of placing music lesson learning pods in public libraries where online students can learn without having to have access to internet at home